PsiCash FAQ

  • What is PsiCash?

  • Introducing PsiCash

    PsiCash is Psiphon’s in-app currency that allows you to upgrade your Psiphon experience. It can be spent on a SpeedBoost, allowing you to experience Psiphon with maximum speed.

  • What is Speed Boost?

    SpeedBoost allows you to get faster network speeds while connected to the Psiphon network.

    This is perfect for streaming video, gaming, Voice-over-IP calling, or other content-rich sites and services.

    SpeedBoost can be purchased in-app in 1-hour increments for 100 PsiCash per hour.

  • Does my Speed Boost stay on even if I disconnect from Psiphon?

    Currently when you activate a SpeedBoost it will work in real time, so it does not pause if you disconnect or quit Psiphon while it is active

  • How to use PsiCash

  • How do you use it?


    At the top of the main screen you will find your PsiCash information. Tap the PsiCash Balance to purchase more PsiCash, and tap the SpeedBoost button to spend your PsiCash on a Boost.


    In the middle of the main screen you’ll find your PsiCash information. Tap the PsiCash Balance to purchase more, and tap the SpeedBoost button to spend your PsiCash on a Boost.


    See your PsiCash balance and enable SpeedBoost in the widget in the bottom left corner of the app.

  • How do I get more PsiCash?

    There are a few ways to earn PsiCash:

    You can also earn more PsiCash by simply using Psiphon regularly and engaging with the landing pages that open upon connection.

    On mobile devices you can also watch a video to earn extra PsiCash. Follow the in-app instructions to start earning!

  • Can I still earn PsiCash while already on a Speed Boost?

    Yes! Even while you are already on a SpeedBoost you can still earn more PsiCash by visiting and interacting with our landing pages. and watching videos if you are on mobile.

  • How does PsiCash Work?

  • Can I purchase a subscription with my PsiCash?

    No, while you can’t buy a subscription with PsiCash, you can still increase your speed by spending it on a Speed Boost.

    PsiCash is an alternative option to subscribing, where you can pay only for the speedboosting you need, when you need it.

    Alternatively, you can subscribe to Psiphon to ensure you have SpeedBoost enabled by default every time you use Psiphon

  • How does Psiphon track how much PsiCash I have?

    Your PsiCash balance is tied to your app data, the PsiCash server provides an anonymous ID for your Psiphon app to store in its data.

    Your Psiphon app can then use this ID to check the PsiCash balance, earn more PsiCash, and buy a Speed Boost with PsiCash.

    To learn more about how Psiphon protects our users’ privacy please see our Privacy Policy.

  • I uninstalled the app. Can I retrieve my PsiCash balance?

    PsiCash is linked to your app data, not a user account. If you uninstall your application or clear your app data you will lose your PsiCash balance.

  • Can I transfer PsiCash between my devices or to a friend?

    PsiCash is non-transferable as it is tied directly to your app data.