PsiCash FAQ

  • What is PsiCash?

  • Introducing PsiCash

    PsiCash is Psiphon’s in-app credit system that allows you to upgrade your Psiphon experience. It can be spent on a Speed Boost, allowing you to experience Psiphon with maximum speed.

  • What is Speed Boost?

    PsiCash can be spent on a Speed Boost which allows you to experience the maximum Psiphon connection speed. This is perfect for when you need to stream video, install a game or use other content-rich sites and services. Speed Boost can be purchased in-app in 1-hour increments for 100 PsiCash.

  • Does my Speed Boost stay on even if I disconnect from Psiphon?

    Currently when you activate a Speed Boost it will work for 1 hour in real time, so it does not pause if you disconnect or quit Psiphon while it is active.

  • How to use PsiCash

  • How do you use it?


    At the top of the main screen you’ll find your PsiCash information, tap the progress bar when it’s full to spend your PsiCash on a Speed Boost or press on the video button to earn extra.


    Click on the PsiCash menu tab to view your PsiCash balance, spend it on a Speed Boost and watch videos to earn more.


    See your PsiCash balance and enable Speed Boost in the widget at the bottom of the app.

  • How do I get more PsiCash?

    There are a few ways to earn PsiCash:

    You can earn more PsiCash by simply using Psiphon regularly and engaging with the landing pages that open upon connection.

    On mobile devices you can also watch a video to earn extra PsiCash.

  • Can I still earn PsiCash while already on a Speed Boost?

    Yes! Even while you are already on a Speed Boost you can still earn more PsiCash by visiting and interacting with our landing pages and watching videos if you’re on mobile.